Siri. Planned over 6 years before it was released.

I’ve just read an article published by Mashable, revealing an interview with the voice actor behind Apple’s Siri. One thing that strikes me as quite amazing, but understandable, is that the voice of Siri was reportedly recorded in 2005. The first iteration of the iPhone to have Siri was launched in 2011.

The voice of Siri was recorded 6 years before Siri came to the market.

Nokia 3310Just think about this for a minute. Try to remember the phone you had in mid-2000’s. For me, it was a Nokia 3310. That was kind of the ‘in’ phone to have at that time. Not too big in size (compared to some others at the time), cool styling, monochromatic screen, rather indestructible and it had the classic game of Snake.

But whilst this was all going on, secretly Apple was already working to produce Siri. Did they know they would only release it until 2011? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s not the point. The point is that Apple was innovating so far beyond the now.

And it paid off for them. This proves the importance of having visionaries on the payroll of your organisation. So that they can think ahead, to think beyond the now and the immediate future, to imagine beyond what we already know, and to spur on innovation.

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